Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

What would you go for, traditional marketing or digital marketing? Whether you opt to use a traditional marketing approach or digital marketing there is no doubt that marketing is an essential part of running a successful business. Without it you cannot reach your customers!


The Marketing Jobs Technology will Replace in 10 Years

If Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world, it’s going to take some jobs with it, including a myriad of marketing jobs. Economist W. Brain Arthur estimates the developing technology will replace 100 million jobs by 2025. With the civilian workforce currently at 158 million, that’s a significant portion of people being replaced by robots…

A Day in the Life of Mobile Marketing

The average person checks his phone 46 times a day, and depending on age that number could be even higher. But look at it this way: That’s not just 46 times checking email, text messaging, monitoring finances or scrolling social apps. That’s 46 opportunities of mobile marketing to reach customers during an activity they are…

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